Delivery Of Grasses

    Grass Delivery And Sod Farm Customer Pick Up

    Sod Delivery in Alabama

    Salmann Turf Farms of Elberta, Alabama offers homeowners, contractors and landscapers the opportunity to decide if they want their quality lawn grasses delivered or pick them up at our sod farm or in the field.

    Our fleet of tractor trailer 18 wheelers can deliver the really big loads of centipede grass, zoysia grass, bermuda grass and st. augustine grass anywhere in the southeast United States.  We serve Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

    Our bob tail short semi-truck at our Montgomery farm can deliver individual pallets to homes or jobsites without having to worry about getting a large 18 wheeler into a tight location.

    We also offer farm or field pick up for homeowners and landscapers that want to pick their fresh cut grass up and get it home quickly.

    Either way, we can deliver the larger loads of grass, those few pallets of grass or you may come pick it up at the farm.

    When ordering, please tell us what you want.  Standard trucking and transportation rates apply for delivered grass.  You can save money by picking up your small orders right from the farm in Elberta.