Sports Turf Grass

    Sports Turf Grass Growing and Maintenance

    Salzmann farms is best known for growing some of the best sports field turf grasses in the country. For over years, you have seen your kids and grandkids play sports like football, soccer, baseball, softball on our custom grown playing fields.

    We have give you options when it comes to sports grasses. We offer complete removal and restoration of sports fields, all the way up to maintaining your fields. By allowing us to become your full service field maintenance contractor, this saves you time, money and keeps your athletic director happy.

    We are professionals and know exactly what your football, soccer and baseball fields needs. We take soil samples regularly and have our laboratory analyze the composite make up of your grounds. With us, we make your life easy.

    If something is happening to your grass and don't know who to call, be sure to keep us in mind. We have the ability to quickly diagnose, repair or even replace sports turf grasses quickly. This way, everyone including your fans will appreciate the excellent playing condition of your field.