St. Augustine Lawn Grass Maintenance

    St. Augustine Lawn Grass Maintenance

    Taking good care of your St. Augustine grass lawn often requires no more work overall than taking poor care of it.  A St. Augustine turf lawn that is properly watered, fertilized and mowed has far fewer problems with weeds, diseases and insects.  A well kept St. Augustine lawn also remains lush and attractive, giving you much more enjoyment.

    Water Needs of St. Augustine Grass

    Water St. Augustine grass on an as-needed basis.  Water at least 1 inch at the first sign of stress or wilt.  Sign of stress will include the blades turning a bluish or grayish green in color.  You may also notice foot prints being left in the St. Augustine grass when walked on.  We recommend watering in the early morning.  Late afternoon or evening watering of St. Augustine grass may increase disease problems.

    Mowing and Thatching of St. Augustine Grass

    For optimal level of St. Augustine turf quality, mow and maintain at a height of 2 inches and mow at least once a week during peak growing seasons.  If not properly maintained, thatch build-up may occur and vertical mowing may be required.

    Soil & Fertilizer Needs of St. Augustine Grass

    St. Augustine grass tolerates most soils but the poorer the soil, the higher the management requirements.  Soil test every 2 years to determine the PH and phosphorus and potassium requirements.   Soil that is good for St. Augustine should maintain a PH level between a 6 and a 7. 

    St. Augustine turf and sod grass uses 16-4-8 or 14-4-14 fertilizer at 5 to 6 pounds per 1,000 square feet during May, June, July and August.  June and August may be deleted to lessen your mowing requirements.  We also recommend a 6-0-24 fertilizer at 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet as a winterizer, no later than mid September.

    Disease, Weed & Insect Control of St. Augustine Grass

    St. Augustine turf and sod grasses is susceptible to disease and some insects, especially chinch bugs.  A dense turf prevents most of your weed problems.