Zoysia Lawn Grass Maintenance

    Zoysia Lawn Grass Maintenance

    Taking good care of your Zoysia Lawn Grass often requires no more work overall than taking poor care of it.  A Zoysia lawn that is properly watered, fertilized and mowed has far fewer problems with weeds, diseases and insects.  A well kept Zoysia lawn also remains lush and attactive, giving you much more enjoyment.

    Water Needs Of Zoysia Lawn Grass

    Low to medium watering of Zoysia grass is needed.  You need to water Zoysia grass deeply to at least 1 inch of water.  You need to water Zoysia grass every 5 to 7 days in hot, dry weather.  The new types of Zoysia lawn grass handle heat and drought especially well.  Ask us about the varieties.

    Mowing and Thatching Zoysia Turf Grass

    Zoysia has a slow growth rate which reduces mowing frequency.  You need to mow Zoysia at 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches with a reel or rotary mower.  Zoysia is one of the few warm season grasses that is manageable with a rotary mower.  Clippings of zoysia grass contribute to a thatch build up and should be removed periodically by using vertical mowing.  Vertical mowing is needed for thatch accumulation.

    Soil and Fertilizer Needs of Zoysia Turf Grass

    Zoysia lawn grass tolerates high salinity and infertile soil relatively well.  Zoysia has very low fertilizer requirements.  We recommend a 5 to 7 pounds of 16-4-8 or 14-4-14 (slow nitrogen release) fertilizer per 1,000 square feet every other month.  However, you need to follow up in September with 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet of 6-0-24.

    Disease, Weed & Insect Control of Zoysia Lawn Grass

    Zoysia lawn grass is highly resistant to serious turf diseases.  It has good insect resistance.  There are new varieties of Zoysia that have been developed and have improved pest tolerance.  A dense Zoysia turf prevents most weeds from appearing.

    All of the information about Zoysia grass is based on an average/normal conditions.  Individual sites and situations may differ.  Therefore, contact your local nurseryman or county extension office if more detailed information is need on a specific maintenance question about Zoysia lawn grass.