Alabama Residential Lawn & Turf Grass Customers

Salzmann Turf Farms customers expect the best residential and commercial grasses. That has not stopped them from working hard to produce the best quality lawn, turf and sod grasses available.   We will even install the grass you purchase for your home, residence or commercial job.   We have some of the best lawn and grass laying equipment found on the market and we are fast, neat and professional on all of our installations.

We Sell Grass to Homeowners Direct

We make buying quality grass easy. We sell direct to our customers. They may pick up at our farm or have it delivered.   If you like, we can even install the grass for you.

Our Grass is Fresh Cut

The benefit of buying direct is that you get fresh cut grass that has not been sitting in a warehouse or in a field for days on end, drying out and dying.

Homeowners Grass, Small or Do It Yourself Jobs

Homeowner direct sales are a portion of our business. We provide direct sales to homeowners in small or large quantities. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what you need and when you need it. We are easy to do business with.

Contractor Grass Sales

Contractors love our turf and sod grasses. We work with our contractors to ensure they get quality lawn and turf grasses when they need them. There is nothing more satisfying when a new homeowner or business owner comes to inspect the job site and sees quality lawn grasses such as st. Augustine, zoysia, Bermuda or centipede grass laying on the ground. Give us a call on your next home or commercial job. We will gladly give you a quote for some premium grasses.

Landscapers Grass Sales

Landscapers love to do business with us. Our quality lawn and turf grasses make a landscapers job easy. It is easy because our grasses are premium quality and when you get them, you know your homeowner or contractor will be pleased with how they look. Call us for your next quote and let us serve your grass needs.