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    Salzmann's Turf and Grass Farm is here to serve you. Please feel free to contact us for your all your grass needs.

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    Salzmann Turf & Grass Farm

    15601 County Road 87

    Elberta, Alabama 36530

    251.986.8873 office

    251.986.8830 fax

    Be Sure To Tell Us You Found Us On The Internet! 


    Ordering Grass

    Please let us know which grass you would like to purchase or get a quote on when contacting us.

    We grow Zoysia, Centipede, Bermuda and St. Augustine lawn grasses. 

    We need to know how much grass you need when ordering.  We sell grass by the square yard. The formula to figure square yards is simple. Get the length x width divided by 9.

    Pallets of slabs hold 50 square yards. (Zoysia and St. Augustine) are delivered on pallets with slabs of grass laid flat and stacked.

    pallets of mini rolls hold 54 square yards. (great for homeowners) (Bermuda Grass and Centipede) are delivered on mini rolls or on contractor big rolls.