Large Rolls Of Grass

    Commercial Big Rolls of Sod and Turf Grass.

    Salzmann turf and grass farms specializes in those big commercial landscape and construction jobs.

    Our commercial big rolls hold centipede turf grass, bermuda turf grass and zoysia turf grass and are ideal for commercial landscapers and contractors that need a lot of grass and sod at one time.

    Our big rolls of sod, turf grass are wonderful Football field grass, Soccer Field Grass, Atheletic Field Grass, Highway right of ways, drainage ditches, erosion control and large yards and landscape jobs.

    If you need a quote on some big jobs of sod and turf grass, please call us and let us quote you on your next order.

    If you are looking for easier ways of laying grass for small jobs, please visit our mini rolls of grass page or our palletized grass page to see if this is better suits your needs.