Palletized Grass Flats

    Palletized Turf & Sod Grass

    Salzmann turf and sod farms of Montgomery and Elberta, Alabama offer contractors, homeowners and landscapers top quality palletized lawn grasses.

    Traditional methods of grass packaging are by stacking flats of grass on wooden pallets. 

    St. Augustine Turf Grass is still the only grass fresh cut and placed on pallets and delivered.

    Centipede turf grass, Zoysia turf grass, bermuda turf grasses, all can be palletized.  However, palletized grass is the first and oldest way of packaging sod.

    Years have passed and there are easier and better ways of laying grass and sod without having to use manual labor to lay grass.  If you are looking for better ways to lay large quantities of grass, please visit our Mini Rolls Grass page or our Big Rolls Grass page to see what they offer.